The Latest jewelry trends Fall/Winter 2014 2015

Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015

By  | August 20, 2014

The fashion trends originate on the podiums of main world’s fashion industry – Paris, London, Milan, New York. The aftertaste of the shows is maintained for a long time in fashion surveys, reviews, critics and praises of the audience.

In order to look fashionable in this year Fall-Winter season, we have to take into account the trends that have been identified during the past shows in the four fashionable countries.

Fashion styles

To begin, let’s go through the fashionable styles, and then consider the necessary details to create the described looks.

The style of the 60’s

The influence of the past is reflected in the culture of modernity. The style of the 60’s are back in fashion. This means that the turtlenecks inherent to that period, coquettish hats, and faux fur in bright colors, high boots, mini skirts, etc., can occupy again its rightful place in the wardrobe.

Main trends


Street style of the 90’s

The fashion critics wrongly named the fashion of the past the most unsuccessful one. Then, on the streets of New York flourished the hip-hop culture, and given that, sport clothing became more sporty and dimensionless. The trends of those times did not leave any hint on sexuality and refinement. Women and men were dressed almost identically.

Today, designers analyzed again their attitude to the fashion of the 90’s and decided to introduce some corrections. Now, for 2014-2015 we have the super famous bombers, loose jeans, bulky sweaters and blouses.

Street style

Masculine style

The desire of women to imitate men is noted in everything and fashion is not an exception. Men’s jackets, pants, shoes, coats are now full “habitants” of the female wardrobe.

Masculine style

Masculine style

The schoolgirl style

Nowadays, it is fashionable to look decent and that means that even short dresses can be spiffed up if to add classic collars or to choose a preppy skirt. The excellent pupil style is a trend of this season.

Schoolgirl style

Trendy colors

Gold shimmer

A little metallic luster and gold shimmer will not hurt anyone. This trick is suitable both for evening dresses as well as for trousers, jackets and blouses.

Abstract and art prints

In the ‘60s, abstract prints were pretty discrete and executed mainly in grey or black and white shades. Today, designers advice to break this tradition. They fearless combine contrast shades creating abstract compositions.

Simple cut dresses (T or A silhouette) gain a new life when the material out of which these are created becomes a fabric with an unordinary pattern. Such outfit does not require additional accessories. As it is already very good-looking and memorable.


It is impossible to do without the black color, especially during the cold season, because in the belief this shade has a warming effect and keeps the body the temperature.

The black leather is a fashionable material for dresses, skirts, pants and jackets, which holds the leading position in this season. That means you should not rush to take away the black leather jacket acquired in spring. Because believe it or not, this is still in trend!


The most fashionable color of the Fall-Winter season will become red. This winter can surely be called a bright season as the abundance of fur in bright burgundy shades literally captured all podiums. Such outfit can be complemented with a lipstick in similar bright shades.

Bright colors

Besides red, designers advice to pay attention to juicy green, blue, yellow and pink colors.

Fashionable accessories

In order to complete an image, this has to be revitalized with the help of accessories.

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Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015
Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 images

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Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 photo
Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 picture

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foto Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015
photo Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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Watch Main trends Fall-Winter 2014-2015 video

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