The Most Powerful Way to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY

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How to Raise Your Vibration

Three Methods:

Raising your vibration is a method used to improve your quality of life. Thankfully, there are many ways to achieve a higher vibration. Put the following tips and advice into effect in your daily life and see the changes for yourself!


Understanding How Frequency Works

  1. Comprehend the premise of personal frequency.The idea of frequency, or vibrations, revolves around the concept of energy. All matter in the universe is comprised of energy that vibrates at different frequencies at the quantum level. Raising your personal vibration is a tool for using the power of positive thinking to influence your life for the better.
    • Frequency harkens back to centuries of different cultural beliefs regarding energy. The Chinese have used Tai Chi for thousands of years as a means of healing through energy, Kundalini energy has long been practiced in India, and Japanese Reiki healers have been at work with energy fields for countless generations.
  2. Study the scientific foundation for frequency.Essentially, the theory of raising your vibrations grew from the discovery of subatomic particles and their behavior. Electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom, and sometimes transfer from one nucleus to another. When that shift occurs, energy is released. Thus, the relationship between energy and matter exists.
    • Those who subscribe to personal vibration as a means of changing the physical world believe a similar concept is at work when humans release energy at different frequencies.
    • It's important to remember that personal frequency is only a theory, and doesn't have the support of much of the scientific community. However, following these steps and understanding the basis of the theory can still help change your life.
  3. Learn about the frequency scale.This is also known as the Scale of Consciousness. It stretches from 1 to 1,000 and was designed by Dr. David Dawkins in 2002, based on principles of muscle testing and kinesiology. Where you fall on the scale is a reflection of how the energy you give off, your frequency, manifests in your life and what sort of circumstances and events your energy attracts.
    • A high score corresponds to a vibrant, thriving energy, while a low score reflects a low frequency output.
    • The average rating on the scale for humanity is about 207.
    • Although the average is somewhat low, a single person operating at a high frequency can lift the vibrations of those he or she encounters dramatically.
  4. Know what actions and thoughts help and hurt your frequency.The best way to bring positive results into your life, based on the theory of frequency and vibrations, is to raise your frequency by concentrating on positive ideas like love, compassion, and happiness. On the contrary, feelings of anger, distrust, guilt, and shame lower one’s frequency.
    • To achieve higher frequency and avoid lower frequency in life, it’s important to remember to both think and act in ways that directly affect your personal vibration.
  5. Understand the benefits of raising your frequency.Those who believe in the power of raising their personal frequency set out with the goal of greater quality of life. The idea is that emitting high frequency attracts high frequency, and therefore raising your vibrations will attract love, wealth, joy, and spiritual enlightenment. It is similar to the Law of Attraction, the idea that like goes with like, that staying positive will help you recognize positives in your life.

Practicing Methods to Raise Your Vibration

  1. Focus on your breathing.This is a simple way to clear your mind of the unimportant and negative thoughts that impact your frequency. By taking a few conscious breaths, and thinking about the simplicity of breathing and what truly matters in life, you’ll gain perspective that helps align you with a positive mentality.
    • Deep breaths lead to clarity and stillness, which have positive effects on vibration.
  2. Be thankful for what you have in life.Chances are, if you’re reading this article on a computer or smartphone, you aren’t starving or homeless. Take stock of the wonderful aspects of your life and be grateful for them. Appreciate the little things in life, from a pretty flower to a healthy relative.
    • Keeping the positive aspects of life at the forefront of your mind helps keep the daily stressors and negativity out of the picture. You’ll be surprised by how much you have to be thankful for when you slow down to look.
  3. Avoid negative language.Cursing and insults are obviously forms of anger and hate, which correspond with low frequency. Avoid these and actively replace them with positive alternatives, like compliments. The shift in your behavior and mindset will take time, but will pay dividends in the long run.
    • Negativity in language comes from other sources, too. Don’t let a defeatist attitude cloud your positive energy. Instead of saying “I can’t,” say, “I’ll try harder next time.” Finding little ways to shift negativity into positive energy will raise your vibration and help bring your goals in life closer to reality.
  4. Practice compassion and charity.This is real life, and there will be times where hardships befall you and depressing events occur. It’s normal to feel down. Your vibration will lower during these times. The key is to bounce back and recover. A great way to do this is through showing compassion and donating your time and energy to charity. Helping others less fortunate will help you feel better about yourself, remind you of all the positives in life, and act as a catalyst for raising your frequency.
    • This step is especially helpful when the dark times come, as you’ll be able to rely on those close to you to recognize your pain and exercise compassion towards you to help. Remember, the people close to you are a reflection of your own frequency.
  5. Practice forgiveness.Harboring negativity in the form of a grudge or feelings of guilt will cloud your mind from happier thoughts. Let go of the negative energy by forgiving others and forgiving yourself. Understand that nobody is perfect and that when you’re upset, they are likely upset as well. Be open and forward with your emotions and find a way to live in harmony with the people around you.
    • Laughter is an incredible tool for forgiveness and letting go of negative energy. Try to take a long-term perspective on your current problems. Think about how your old problems seem small and how you laugh about them now. You’ll laugh about today’s problems tomorrow.

Maintaining a High Frequency

  1. Eat healthy and exercise.To keep your personal frequency at the high end of the scale you need to consider how your body and mind work in tandem. Your diet directly effects your mood. A lack of physical exercise will negate the positives of better thinking. Don’t ignore the physical aspects of your self and focus too hard to the mental. You can’t thrive without both.
    • Cut out fast foods, sodas, high sodium products, and sugars. Instead, concentrate on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. You may even consider becoming vegetarian or vegan to further enhance the spiritual connection between your body and nature.
    • Always read food labels and check for red flags like preservatives, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils.
    • Daily exercise, even something as simple as a short jog or an evening walk, will connect you to nature and keep your body active. Both of these will increase your vibrations.
  2. Spend time with high vibration people.Remember, like attracts like. Surrounding yourself with the right friends and eliminating relationships with low frequency people will contribute immensely to your overall wellbeing by raising your vibrations. Being your true self will attract others with the same values and frequency.
    • Negative people criticize and bring down your frequency with their low energy. Cut these relationships out of your life. You don’t have to “break up” with a friend, but gradually putting less effort into maintaining the relationship will ease the transition and lead to more opportunities for high frequency people to fill the void.
  3. Make meditation a part of your routine.Meditating helps clear the mind of troublesome thoughts and increases awareness of the self. This doesn’t need to be an intense practice, but finding a few quiet minutes to focus on your breathing, close your eyes, and slow down your life can have a major impact on increasing your personal frequency and lead to continuous, sustainable positive energy.
  4. Keep a journal.Writing down the positive experiences you had each day will help commit them to your memory and keep them at the forefront of your consciousness. It’s a great habit to help you remember what’s important and all the aspects of your life you should be grateful for.
    • Try to end each day by making a list of the positive thoughts and actions you had that day.
    • Track the compliments you gave and received, as well as the moments you were able to forgive, show compassion, and laugh.

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  • Expose yourself to sunlight. It’s healthy and nourishing.
  • Ignore the contrarians. People will try to bring you down by arguing against the scientific merit of personal frequency. Let them. Even if they’re right about some things, the most important thing is what you believe and the results you achieve. If you feel better and your life improves, the rest doesn’t matter.

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