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6 MacGyver Tricks for Eyeshadow

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If you’re anything like us, you have a makeup bag filled with a rainbow of eyeshadow shades. But there’s always that one (or five!) that you haven’t gotten around to using — the color may not look right with your skin tone, but you just can’t bare to part with it. No worries; the MacGyver in us is here to help! There are a handful of different ways to rock those neglected eyeshadows, and not just for smoky eyes.

Eyeshadow = Nail Polish
Have a bright blue or sparkly black powder eyeshadow that you have yet to use because you’re scared of looking like an 80s pop star? Try mixing it with some clear nail polish for a one of a kind manicure. Pour some clear polish or top coat into a small bowl and slowly mix in your eyeshadow of choice. We recommend crushing the shadow before mixing to avoid clumps — unless you’re into a 3D effect.

Eyeshadow = Highlighter
There’s no need to buy a separate highlighter when any pale or light shimmery shadow will get the job done. Using a Q-tip, dab some shadow on the inner corners of the eyes, at the brow bone, or even on the tops of your cheekbones to light up and sculpt the face. If your shadow is on the shimmery side, be careful to use small amounts to avoid looking like a disco ball.

Eyeshadow = Brow Pencil
Can’t find the perfect shade of brow pencil? Match your arches to your brow color with a matte eyeshadow and use an angled brush to define them. If your hair is light, try a taupe or light brown shadow; if it’s darker, try a deep brown. Use quick, short strokes to feather the shadow on your brows so they don’t look too overdone.

Eyeshadow = Contouring Powder
To sculpt your cheeks, try a matte, neutral-colored eyeshadow that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone. Use a blush brush to create a slight hollow under the cheekbone that will fool the eye into thinking you just came off the runway. Make sure you blend, blend, and blend some more – you don’t want a dark line going down your cheek.

Eyeshadow = Eyeliner
Dark eyeshadows can be applied with a damp, thin brush on the upper or lower lash line for a defined eye that will last all day. With an endless assortment of colors, you can try the colorful eye liner trend without actually having to buy one.

Eyeshadow = Matte or Metallic Lipstick
Red, burgundy or orange eyeshadows can be hard to pull off. If you’re dreading wearing them on the eye, try patting them over your favorite bold lip color for a stunning matte lip instead.


6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow
6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow images

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6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow recommendations
6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow advise photo

6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow picture
6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow photo

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photo 6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow
images 6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow

Watch 6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow video
Watch 6 MacGyver Tricks forEyeshadow video

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