24 Fun Ways to Wear Fringe

24 Fun Ways to Wear Fringe

Due to all of the hype surrounding 70s fashion right now, one look that is getting tons of attention is fringe.

If you’re the type of gal who never really considered wearing it before, you might be hesitant to give it a try now. That’s understandable. However, don’t write it off—just yet.

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There are countless ways to make fringe apart of your daily wardrobe. We couldn’t provide you with all of them, but we’ve got a few really cute fringe looks that we think will—pardon the pun—tickle your fancy.

Fringe (high heel) sandals

Fringe (high heel) sandalsFringe (high heel) sandals/

If you tell us that you’re not in love with these high heel fringe sandals, we’re not going to believe you. They are way too distinctive and plain ole sexy to be ignored—or denied!

Fringe kimono

Fringe kimonoFringe kimono/

In honor of the Boho look, kimonos jackets are really popular right now. Getting the kind with fringe hanging off of the sleeves can make yours look a bit more unique.

Fringe earrings

Fringe earringsFringe earrings/

Another name for fringe earrings is “tassel” ones. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to be fashion forward when it comes to this particular look and style.

Fringe mini

Fringe miniFringe mini/

Got a dinner and dancing date coming up? How can you possibly go wrong with a fringe mini? #youcan’t

Fringe dress

Fringe dressFringe dress/

That is unless you want to take things up a notch and go with a fringe dress like this one. It’s a bit harder to find than the skirt but so worth the extra effort.

Fringe leather jacket

Fringe leather jacketFringe leather jacket/

One fringe item that you can wear year-round is a fringe leather jacket. We guarantee that everywhere you go, at least one person will ask you where you got it.

Fringe bracelet

Fringe braceletFringe bracelet/

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a really big impact. This fringe bracelet is a great example of this very fact.

Fringe skirt

Fringe skirtFringe skirt/

If you’re finding yourself liking the thought of wearing fringe more and more but a mini skirt is not quite your style, you can go a bit more conservative by opting or a skirt that has a bit more length to it such as this one. It’s really nice it’s made out of suede material.

Fringe shorts

Fringe shortsFringe shorts/

On the other hand, if you like the fringe mini but you don’t want to have to worry about “sitting pretty” or crossing your legs the entire time, fringe shorts are a super alternative. The looks minus the (wear) maintenance.

Fringe anklet

Fringe ankletFringe anklet/

Planning on spending a lot of your summertime laying out at the beach. How about decorating your ankles with fringe rather than putting on any shoes?

Fringe clutch

Fringe clutchFringe clutch/

One of our favorite fringe accessories is a fringe clutch. You can take it from work to drinks to a hot date and not miss a beat.

Fringe scarf

Fringe scarfFringe scarf/

Do you like to crochet during your down time? Your friends will love you for making them a couple of fringe scarves like this one.

Fringe maxi dress

Fringe maxi dressFringe maxi dress/

You might’ve never thought about saying “fringe” and “maxi dress” in the same sentence. It’s pretty easy to do when you look for the kind of dress that has a bit of fringe where the flare tends to go.

Fringe cover-up

Fringe cover-upFringe cover-up/

Kimono cover-ups are great for summer. For winter, look for one that is made out of cashmere or wool such as this.

Fringe boots

Fringe bootsFringe boots/

If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots, cowboy ones are awesome. Cowboy ones with fringe? Even better.

Fringe bikini

Fringe bikiniFringe bikini/

Fringe and neon are two trends that go really well together. Can’t you tell?

Fringe purse

Fringe purseFringe purse/

If you like to carry a purse, but you’d prefer one that has a strap (instead of a clutch), look for a fringe purse such as this one. We especially like how the fringes come in two different colors.

Fringe (gladiator) sandals

Fringe (gladiator) sandalsFringe (gladiator) sandals/

Gladiator sandals are visually striking. And if you buy a pair with fringes on them, you’ll be sure to be unforgettable.

Fringe tank top

Fringe tank topFringe tank top/

Tank tops are a mainstay for any woman’s wardrobe. “Shake things up a bit” by getting a few with long fringes on them.

Fringe necklace

Fringe necklaceFringe necklace/

If we still haven’t been able to convince you to invest in some fringe, at least get a necklace. No matter how casual your outfit might be, a necklace like this one will definitely dress it up.

Fringe pencil skirt

Fringe pencil skirtFringe pencil skirt/

Ah! Some articles of clothing are just too good for words! That’s how we feel about this fringe pencil skirt.

Fringe 70s vest

Fringe 70s vestFringe 70s vest/

In the 70s, vests were proudly worn. And two kinds that were particularly popular were fur and fringe. Now that the 70s are back, they are looks that you still should consider wearing.


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